Highway 87 provides a wide range of services focused on the specific needs of each client.  There is no cookie cutter approach.  Each company has its own unique set of challenges, pain points, opportunities and goals.  


Sales and Key Account Management  - Working directly with key accounts including Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, The Container Store  and William-Sonoma . Developing a retailer specific strategy  through analytical evaluation of each retailers current assortment and clients product range and value proposition . 

Merchandising - Creating strong POGs and product assortments to drive incremental business and expand brand footprint.

Sales Rep Management - Vetting, auditing and managing sales rep groups.  Creating rep business plans with a clear set of goals and KPIs.

Building Channel Strategies -  Creating a platform for multi- channel sales strategies including pricing strategies, assortments and sub-branding. 

Online Strategies  - Developing clear rules and guidelines for managing online retail, content and brand exposure.

Wholesale Strategies - Working with pure-play online brands to transition to an omni-channel brand by creating strategies for product introduction at brick and mortar retail. 

International Sales - Developing an international sales strategy including pricing, distributors and direct to retailer programs. 



Brand Essence  - Working with client to develop the "Brand Essence", the core vision, mission and values behind the brand. 

Packaging Design  - Developing retailer friendly packaging to maximize on-shelf visibility, cost efficiency  and brand impact. 

Brand Integrity  - Managing the "Brand Essence" and putting guidelines in place to evaluate all touch points for the brand. 



Sales Collateral - Developing retailer and sales rep friendly sales and merchandising collateral.

Trade Show Managment  Developing trade show strategies as part of an overall marketing plan and budget.  Source vendors and suppliers and showroom opportunities. 

POS Programs -Creating floor displays, shelf talkers and other point of purchase merchandising concepts. 

PR/Social Media- Building a trade and consumer PR platform to increase  brand recognition, product and brand awareness through the use of Social Media and Bloggers/Influencers in additional to traditional publications.  





Operational  Analysis - Auditing all operational systems and processes for efficiency and effectiveness.

Inventory, Logistics and Supply Chain  - Maximizing logistics and supply chain costs by developing strong forecasting models securing  vendor relationships. 

Order Entry and EDI Solutions - Finding efficient order entry platforms that are cost effective and minimize manual entry,  increasing order processing accuracy and speed.



Product Dev.

Product Audits - Review current product assortment for profitability and  productivity .  

Product Design and Development - Develop new product designs and concepts  to drive incremental business and expand growth opportunity. 



Domestic and Oversees Sourcing  - Working with domestic and international suppliers to source product to improve quality and increase margins. 

Hong Kong and China Agent Services - We have affiliated offices in Hong Kong and China that can work as sourcing agents and manage factory orders, compliance and logistics.